24 Best Bed Handles and Rails for Adults & Seniors

Chronic pain, limited mobility, and old age-related ailments lead to a more inactive and challenging life. This loss of independence can be debilitating for your loved one. However, there are tools that can be used to help them regain their autonomy and significantly improve their quality of life. Bed handles lower the risk of injury and reduce the need for caregivers to be present at all times.

Would my loved one benefit from a bed rail?

A bedside handle is a useful addition if your family member struggles with a chronic health condition, recurrent physical pain or impaired mobility. This type of product can offer them reliable support when getting in and out of bed, as well as a means to move around without assistance. Bed rails also prevent falls during the night and can be a wise choice for patients suffering from dementia.

What kind of bed handles are available?

 There is a wide array of bed rails to choose from. They come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. Some are more secure, whereas others prioritize convenience and ease of use. Here are the different types of bed handles that you can choose from:

  • Standard bed rails with legs: most commonly used, feature two vertical legs and a horizontal bar that goes under the mattress for increased stability;
  • Bed rails with adjustable height: offer more flexibility and a comfortable, sturdier grip; can be customized to meet different needs;
  • Bed handles: have a smaller frame and only one leg for stability; these models are more convenient and useful if your loved one requires minimum assistance for walking or moving around;
  • Swing-down bed rails: have a wider base and higher weight capacity, as well as several rails for increased balance; they require more space than other models;
  • Legless bed rails: a good option for heavier beds; they are kept in place by the mattress and feature a unique L-shaped design; a smart choice for wheelchair users, as the stabilizing bar does not interfere with the wheelchair’s footrests (like the two vertical legs would for traditional models)
  • Fold-down bed rails: these items are lightweight, compact and simple to use; they are travel-friendly and quick to disassemble for transport; they can fold down or flat to allow easier access to the bed or fast and convenient transfer;
  • Dual bed rail: features two handles on each side of the bed; these items offer additional stability and are useful for fall prevention during the night;

How to choose the right bed handle for your loved one

 Before making your purchase, you should take into consideration factors like height adjustability, weight capacity, bed size, and mattress thickness, safety mechanism, pricing, ease of use and length. Below you will find a guide on the most efficient and secure rails, as well as how they can assist your relative with transitioning in and out of bed.

Best Bed Rails for Adults & Seniors

1. Medokare Bed Rail for Elderly

This is a hospital-grade product that offers optimal support and stability. Made of high-quality steel, it is long-lasting and easily fits any full-size bed. Its smart design guarantees more balance than you would expect with standard models.

The extendable bar that is placed between the box spring and the mattress has a unique shape with additional anchoring straps for increased stability. The latter are placed to cover the box spring and tighten up in order to provide more security. In addition, the solid handle is simple and quick to put together and transfer.

Medokare Bed Rail has a broad base, but a small frame that is less intrusive. It is multifunctional and easily adaptable to several sizes and mattress types. It also features a convenient pouch and an elegant white finish. Due to its height and modern frame, this model works best with hospital, sleigh or flat panel beds. On the downside, it is not ideal for thicker mattresses and not a good fit if you have an adjustable bed. Moreover, some of the joints seem shabby and a heavier patient might strain the weld.


  • Solid build and modern, flat design
  • Features anchoring straps for extra stability
  • Takes up less space than traditional bed rails
  • Works well with platform, slat and sleigh beds
  • Safer and steadier than standard models


  • Not ideal for thicker mattresses (vertical bars are fairly low)
  • Not compatible with adjustable beds
  • The drawings in the manual do not match the instructions

2. HAIRBY Bed Assist Rail

HAIRBY Bed Assist Rail is a long-lasting product with straightforward design. Geared mostly towards seniors, it offers both increased support and fall prevention. It is user-friendly and easy to maintain, only requiring a few minutes to put together. One of its strong points is its versatility – it is a good match for beds of all sizes, including king and twin. The height can also be modified anywhere between 30.59 and 38.94 inches.

This model is bulky and secure, but easy to transfer. It is fairly lightweight at under 20lbs and comes with a one-year warranty. It also has adjustable length and comfortable padding on the rail. Keep in mind that the height from the ground to the bed can be a maximum of 20.47 inches. This might not be a good fit for certain bed heights and mattress types. So make sure to double check the distance between the box spring and the mattress before purchasing.


  • Functional design that is simple to use
  • Non-slip rail with padding for extra comfort and security
  • Adjustable height and length
  • Portable and convenient for travel use
  • Low cost


  • Ground-to-bed height may not be compatible with certain beds
  • Does not fit certain mattress types (causes an uncomfortable bump)

3. RMS Single Hand Bed Rail

This is a multifunctional and user-friendly handle that can help your loved one move in and out of bed with ease. It has a solid base of chrome-plated steel that is rust and corrosion resistant, as well as a non-slip rail that guarantees a tight and safe grip. The model can be placed on either side of the bed and protects against falls and injuries during the night. The full kit includes a security belt that keeps the handle in place.

RMS Single Hand Bed Rail has a unique design that features three different support pieces, all of which can be used for additional stability. It prevents patients from sliding out during the night and can be useful if your relative suffers from nightmares, dementia or Parkinson ’s disease.

Traditional handles can often get in the way and become quite difficult and tiresome to deal with when their aid is not needed. What makes this product more convenient than its counterparts is that it can retract beneath the level of the mattress when it is not used. This makes it a smart choice if your loved one does not need a support rail at all times or has a caregiver that helps them out most of the time.


  • Durable, secure and convenient
  • Ensures fall prevention and increased stability
  • Unobtrusive: can be lowered under mattress level if not used
  • Comes with a safety belt
  • Excellent customer service
  • Budget-friendly


  • Rail does not fold flat and takes up more space for storage
  • Fairly difficult to assemble, requires two people
  • Users report the safety strap is not long enough for king-sized beds (you can ask for a replacement)

4. Vaunn Medical Adjustable Bed Assist Rail

Featuring a strong, quality frame and heavy-duty materials, Vaunn Medical Bed Assist Rail allows your family member to get out of bed without any assistance. With non-slip steel and stark foam padding, this model ensures a safe and firm grip, as well as a steady base for additional support. The stabilizer bars easily slide in under the mattress and are very discreet, creating a comfortable, but secure sleeping space for your loved one.

Vaunn’s assist rail is a bestseller and a reliable match for a variety of sizes and mattress shapes. It has a modern look and can be used on either side of the bed. The installation can be done without any tools in a few minutes. Please note that this is not suitable for platform or low-rise beds that come without a mattress or have a lower height.


  • Modern design with sturdy grip
  • Strong frame with two hinges
  • High-quality materials and finish for less wear over time
  • Quick and simple assembly
  • Compatible with adjustable, king, twin, full and double beds
  • Low maintenance
  • Lightweight
  • Guarantees fall prevention and increased mobility


  • Does not feature a pouch
  • Does not fold down for more convenient storage
  • Does not come with safety strap
  • Not suitable for low beds

5. LumaRail Bed Assist Rail with LED Motion Sensor

This modern bed assist rail does not only guarantee quality and durability but also places emphasis on comfort and convenience. It has all of the useful elements of a standard handle, including an anchor strap for increased stability.

addition, it comes with an innovative top that can be independently adjusted so that its height matches mattresses with toppers, as well as thicker mattresses. Moreover, the strap is designed to keep the rail in place and prevent users from falling during sleep.

LumaRail Bed Assit Rail features a unique LED nightlight with a motion sensor. The latter always keeps your loved one’s surroundings illuminated so that they are never left in the dark and prone to accidents. The body motion sensor triggers the light whenever someone is leaving or approaching the bed.

LumaRail’s model is made from long-lasting materials and has an elegant white finish with powder-coating. It comes with a lifetime warranty and has a weight capacity of up to 400lbs. Another advantage to this product is that it is also suitable for beds as low as 12 inches that a majority of regular handles cannot accommodate.


  • Modern design that ensures balance and increased support
  • Features motion sensor LED that automatically lights the area
  • Rail has resistant foam padding for added comfort
  • Comes with a secure anchor strap
  • Holds up more weight than traditional models
  • Versatility: compatible with all sizes and models, including low beds
  • Works well with both thick and low mattresses


  • Some users report that the LED light falls off fairly easily if touched
  • Installation can be tricky and adjusting it properly may take more time

6. Medline Bed Assist Bar with Storage Pocket

Medline Bed Assist Bar is a user-friendly support rail that can offer your loved one more mobility and safety. Featuring a functional design, the handle is slip resistant and has strong padding for extra comfort. Made from durable, high-quality materials, it provides the balance needed for patients to transition in and out of bed without any assistance. The legs are height adjustable and the base is suitable for both full and queen sizes.

The U-shaped bar provides a soft, but firm grip. It is customizable and the legs can easily slide with the push of a button. It is an excellent product for patients with arthritis or back pain because it requires little effort and strength to use. Medline’s model also includes a large nylon pocket for storing water bottles, books, medicine or personal belongings.


  • Well-constructed, stable and simple design
  • Features a strap for added safety
  • Comfortable, gripping the bar requires little force
  • Comes with a roomy pocket for storing essentials
  • Adjustable height that accommodates different bed types
  • Low cost


  • Might be too tall for certain mattresses and will raise them slightly
  • Not as sturdy as other bed rails (lower weight capacity)
  • Safety strap is too short for a king-sized bed
  • Not as lightweight as other models

7. Vive Bed Rail – Compact Assist Railing for Seniors, People with Disabilities, Children

Vive’s compact patented bed rail design is compatible with almost any type of bed frame and mattress. Made from aluminum, the rail frame is made of 1-inch aluminum tubing with soft foam covering the handlebar arch. Vive did not provide information on the rail’s maximum weight capacity, but individuals over 200 pounds could use the product without issues.

The rail’s handlebar is 21.1 inches high by 13 inches wide, the stability bar is 22.13-inches long, while the base is 10.75 inches wide. The stability bar can slide fully under the mattress and serves as the rail’s anchor. To further stabilize the rail, the stabilizing bar features a set of non-slip foam padding and a 175-inch adjustable strap to anchor and keep the rail snug on the opposite side of the box spring or bed frame.

Assembly is straightforward with the rail’s locking pushpins. There aren’t individual parts to put together, meaning there are no bolts that can loosen over time. A downside to this is that the bed rail is not very portable. You’ll need a medium to large suitcase just to transport this rail since it won’t fold flat. You can also take it apart, which will take time, effort, and tools.


  • Compact patented design
  • Adjustable straps for anchoring the rail
  • Soft, non-slip hand grips


  • Does not fold flat and needs tools to take apart
  • Marketed as an adjustable rail but there’s no way to adjust the rail’s height

8. OasisSpace Bed Rail – Bedside Fall Prevention Grab Bar Mobility Aid for Elderly Seniors, Handicap

A grab bar designed for the elderly and mobility-impaired individuals, the OasisSpace Bed Rail is an excellent fall prevention and mobility aid. It has the same basic bed handle and rail features with an emphasis on strength and stability. An aluminum frame with a basic L-shaped design may not seem much, but it can support up to 250 pounds of weight.


  • Suitable for all bed sizes
  • Adjustable handrail length
  • Longer stabilizing bar at 29 inches
  • 250 lbs maximum weight capacity
  • Foam non-slip handrail
  • Easy to assemble bed rail


  • No straps to fasten the stabilizing bar to the bed frame

The stabilizing bar is longer than average at 29 inches while the rail itself is 15 inches high and 12 inches wide. It’s suitable for almost all bed sizes and bed frame types. Though the rail doesn’t have straps for the base like other brands, its length makes up for it. But this bed rail may not work on thinner mattresses since the stability of the bed rail depends partly on the weight of the mattress. Also, because of the size and thickness of the stabilizing bar, you can feel it through thinner mattresses.

Another excellent feature is the soft, non-slip padding for better grip, especially for those with lower body weakness. Assembly only takes a few minutes since there aren’t many parts to put together. The handrail part has 4 holes that will allow you to adjust the rail height from 12 to 18 inches. When not in use, you can lower and then tuck the bed rail for easy storage.

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9. Lifestyle Solutions Adjustable Sturdy Mechanical Bed Rail

This model is suitable for patients who do not have a caregiver that can help them at all times. The handle is compact and lightweight, making it easy to transition in and out of bed without any assistance. Even if your loved one has limited strength, this product requires very little effort to use. On the plus side, it is strong and made of quality, resilient materials.

Lifestyle Solutions provides optimal support with flexible pricing. The rail works well with most bed sizes and can be adjusted for both height and fit. Moreover, it can hold up to 400lbs (the industry’s highest rating), significantly higher than the weight capacity of regular models. It comes with a safety strap and thick foam padding for added comfort. The handle is non-slip and extra large, ensuring a firm grip.


  • Light and easy to use
  • Extremely sturdy (weight capacity of 400lbs)
  • Enlarged handle for tighter and more comfortable grip
  • Portable, easy to disassemble for quick transportation
  • Height can be adjusted between 16 and 21 inches
  • Fast assembly (under 3 minutes), smart for travel use
  • Also works with adjustable and hospital beds
  • Increased patient safety (includes security belt)


  • Causes a slight bump if used with thinner mattresses
  • Minimum rail height might be too big for some beds

10. AdirMed Height Adjustable Bed Rail

This bedside tool can help your loved one regain some of their independence when dealing with injuries, decreased mobility or chronic illness. Made from heavy-duty steel, AdirMed Height Adjustable Bed Rail keeps its sturdiness and stability even after years of use. With a powder-coated finish, the handle is simple to clean and does not develop rust or stains. The assembly requirements and time are minimal, and both the height and depth are adjustable.

AdirMed’s model is reliable and convenient. One of the least expensive options on the market, it comes with a useful storage pouch that allows you to keep essentials and medical items always within reach. A disadvantage to this bed rail is that it does not have a tighter fit like most of its counterparts. Moreover, the adjustability is not continuous (it involves one-inch intervals). This means that if your box spring does not match the pre-determined height of the bed handle, the top of the rail will sit at an angle.


  • Durable, stable and convenient
  • Handle can be removed for easy and quick storage
  • Bars are made from flattened tubing (cannot be felt at all under by the patient)
  • Features large storage pocket for keeping items nearby
  • Comes with a safety strap
  • Low cost


  • Only manually adjustable
  • Not very versatile: does not work well with certain sizes and mattress types
  • Installation is difficult and the instructions are unclear

11. Essential Medical Supply Height Adjustable Hand Bed Rail

This versatile assist rail can help your loved one regain their independence and move in and out of bed with ease. It is a good match for any size, including double, king and queen. Featuring non-slip foam, the extendable bar easily glides under the mattress, without making the sleeping space uncomfortable or bumpy. The handle is 20 inches wide and the tubular frame expands up to three feet wide under bed. The chrome-plated steel guarantees corrosion and rust resistance and the height is adjustable between 17 and 21 inches.

Essential Medical Supply Bed Rail has an ergonomic shape that offers balance, convenience and a firm grip. In addition, it is has a non-skid feature that is useful for fall restraint and will keep your loved one safe during night time. Most bed rails come with legs that go down to the floor.

This causes all sorts of issues if the bed is adjustable, low-rise or not high enough for the handle to reach. What makes this model unique is that the legs slide under the mattress and allow increased stability, as well as higher compatibility with different bed and mattress types.


  • Smart, reliable design that is easy to use
  • Made from long-lasting materials that ensure increased durability
  • High-quality handle that is slip resistant
  • Compatible with adjustable beds
  • Quick and simple to put together (two-piece installation without tools)
  • Steadier than standard models (legs slide under the bed)
  • Low cost


  • Safety strap is too short for a double bed
  • The manual photos do not match the pieces and the instructions are difficult to navigate
  • Assembly might require two people

12. Safety Bed Rail 18” – Double Sided

This double-sided Safety bed rail from Mobility Transfer Systems is mainly alloy steel with white powder coating. It is definitely more heavy-duty than average bed rails made from aluminum, but it still has the same average maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds. The entire bed rail set up only weighs 12.8 pounds, so it’s easy to carry but may be tricky to transport.

Unlike other bed rails that have the primary purpose of providing mobility assistance for individuals that find it difficult to get up and out of bed, this double-sided bed rail can effectively prevent falls from both sides of the bed. It has smooth corners and well-thought-out secure bar placement.


  • Made from powder-coated steel alloy
  • 250 maximum weight capacity
  • Prevents falls from both sides of the bed


  • Will only fit twin and double beds

This bed rail system is only suitable for twin and double-sized home beds. At its base, the bed rail is 20 inches from top to bottom and 18 inches from front to back. Other models allow for a wider range of adjustment, but this double-sided bed rail only extends to a maximum width of 58 inches.

13. Bed Assist Rail with Adjustable Heights – Bed Support Bar with Storage Pocket

This bed rail from Medical King is unique amongst similar bed rail models with its floor support and storage pocket features. Heavy-duty materials ensure that the floor support bar can provide enough stability. A non-slip assist bar also contributes to the bed rail’s functionality, while the storage pouch is perfect for storing items like phones, chargers, remote control, and even books. It’s important to note, though, that this pouch is only suitable for light objects. The


  • With floor support and straps
  • Height adjustable up to 42 inches
  • Fits on all types of beds
  • 350 lbs maximum weight capacity


  • The metal frame is thinner than average

You can adjust this bed rail from its minimum height of 33 inches to its maximum height of 42 inches. To fit on different types of beds, this bed rail allows for adjustments on both the bar and bed height. You can adjust the rail to a bed height of 17 inches to 20.5 inches or adjust the height of the bar from 15 inches to 21 inches above the bed.

For the installation, you can simply slide the security bed rail under the mattress and strap the supporting bar to the bed frame for extra stability. Since it’s adjustable, you can use this bed rail on any type and thickness of the mattress.

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14. Secure EZBR-1W Bed Assist Hand Rail

Designed to provide maximized support and comfort, Secure EZBR-1W Hand Rail helps your loved one safely transition in and out of bed. It reduces the risk of injury and prevents falls, but also ensures a comfortable and stable grip. The tube length can be modified anywhere between 34 and 45 inches, and the handle height can also be adjusted at up to 21 inches. The latter is extra wide in order to allow use with bulkier mattresses.

What is unique about this rail is that it accommodates low-rise beds. The leg supports guarantee increased stability and fits beds with frames as low as 12 inches from the floor. The rail is flexible, with a height range between 12 and 21 inches. This model works well with different sizes and types of beds, including twin, full and queen-size. It is made from solid steel that is powder-coated for easy maintenance and less wear with repeated use. The assembly doesn’t require any tools and can be finished within a few minutes.


  • Smart design, sturdy construction
  • Extra wide rail that matches large beds
  • Easy to disassemble for quick transportation and travel use
  • Installation does not require any tools
  • Suitable for low-rise beds and thick mattresses
  • Features 4-inch memory foam topper for added comfort
  • Holds up to 300lbs
  • Easily adjustable
  • Economical


  • The rail can interfere with the bed sheets
  • Not suitable for thinner mattresses
  • Safety strap is too short

15. Liberty Bed Assist Rail

Made from quality steel, Liberty Bed Assist Rail is a universal fit for a wide array of bed types and mattresses. It stands out from its counterparts because it is customizable to any shape and size. The sliding middle bar allows it to perfectly match any bed and provide optimal balance.

This model guarantees a firm grip and a reduced risk of injury. It prevents your loved one from falling off the bed during night time and offers more stability than a traditional support handle.

What makes this product a smart choice is its versatility. It accommodates an extensive range of bed shapes and mattresses, including twin size and California King. Additionally, it is easy to transfer and maintain, making it a very convenient option for travel or repeated hospital visits. With a weight capacity of up to 300lbs, Liberty Bed Assist Rail is user-friendly and does not require any special tools for installation. The full package includes a 100% money-back guarantee (if the product does not fit your bed or mattress) and a safety strap that can be wrapped around the box spring.


  • Versatile, works well with a wide range of bed and mattress types
  • Comfortable and convenient
  • Easy to disassemble, clean and transport
  • Higher weight capacity
  • Wide grip bar
  • Simple assembly and clear guidelines
  • Ensures fall prevention
  • Economical


  • Grip bar is not anti-slip
  • Height cannot be adjusted

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16. Stander Bed Rail Advantage Traveler With Bariatric Support

This bed rail stands out from the rest because it offers bariatric support and is able to hold up to 400lbs. Featuring a smart design with ergonomic shape, it works well with most standard beds, but also with adjustable and platform beds. Additionally, it accommodates a wide range of mattress heights (between 10 and 16 inches). The full package includes a security belt and an organizer pouch with four pockets.

Stander Bed Rail is portable and a smart choice for travel use. It has a wide, U-shaped handle that ensures a firm grip and additional support. The pocket organizer can be easily removed and the piece that slides under the bed is very sturdy, but discreet. It cannot be felt at all, even if the patient has a sensitive back.


  • Solid, provides more support than traditional models
  • Features storage pouch and safety strap
  • Suitable for adjustable beds
  • Useful for bariatric patients: weight capacity of up to 400lbs
  • Top can be removed for travel and more convenient storage
  • Rail has padding with non-slip foam for added comfort and security
  • Easy to lock and unlock (using only two pins)
  • Economical


  • Does not prevent falls
  • Some users report the handle is slightly wobbly
  • Not compatible with light, foam mattresses

17. Stander Bed Cane Safety Rail and Handle

Standard Bed Safety Rail is compatible with a wide array of bed sizes and shapes, but also with adjustable beds. It is portable and lightweight, easy to use, clean and transfer.

Although it has a small frame, it provides increased stability and can hold up to 300lbs. The baseboard is made from renewable bamboo, without any residue chemicals. The material is easier to clean than most surfaces, weighs less and maintains its color and brightness over time.

Aside from its sustainability, a major advantage of bamboo is that it is impact resistant and lasts longer than its counterparts. It also does well both in dry and moist environments.

The handle itself has an ergonomic shape that guarantees optimal support and a steady grip. The foam padding makes it more comfortable to use and the height can be adjusted between 19 and 22 inches.


  • Ensures increased durability and comfort
  • High-quality bamboo base that offers more stability and lasts longer
  • Reversible handle that can be used on both sides of the bed
  • Features padding and security belt
  • Comes with a removable four-pocket pouch for storing personal items
  • Sturdier than standard models
  • Lightweight and portable, useful for travel


  • Higher cost compared to regular bed rails
  • Some users report that the strap system is fairly flimsy
  • Handle cannot be folded down

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18. Able Life Beside Mighty Bed Rail

This secure assistive device helps your loved one to easily leave or enter their bed. It is one of the bulkiest and most reliable items on the market, but only weighs 1.5lbs. Due to its small frame, it is very lightweight and easy to transport. This is a smart choice if your relative will be moved a lot or have to take frequent hospital visits.

Able Life’s product features a safety strap that keeps the rail fixed and properly aligned with the mattress. It is simple to attach and ensures more stability than regular handles. The cushion promotes good posture and makes the transition more comfortable. Lastly, the item has a pouch with four pockets where you can keep magazines, keys, cell phones or medication. This model works well with twin and king-sized beds. It has a weight capacity of 300lbs and it can be assembled in under a minute. It does not require any tools to be put together. The frame is made from high-quality steel and the bar is padded with stiff, resistant foam.


  • Lightweight and compact model
  • Convenient, easy to transfer and store
  • Sturdy and well-constructed, made from aluminum
  • Increased stability (does not fail, slip out or move from the installation point)
  • Features four pockets for storing personal items
  • Comes with a safety nylon strap for extra security
  • Low cost


  • Does not work well with thinner mattresses (prescribed range is between 8 and 16 inches)
  • The rubber on top of the rail can develop an unpleasant smell
  • The four pockets could have more storage room

19. Drive Medical Adjustable Height Bed Assist Handle

This user-friendly product is one of the best choices if you are looking for a bed handle for travel use. It is lightweight and compact, but still provides a strong and steady support for your loved one to easily transition in and out of bed. With adjustable height (between 15 and 20 inches), it can be folded flat for quick storage or transfer.

Drive Medical’s model prioritizes convenience and stability. The rail itself features padding and the baseboard contains non-slip foam for extra security. The item is simple to put together and disassemble, only having three pieces that need to be fixed. Although it makes up in ease of use and portability, this handle does not hold up a lot of weight. Its capacity is limited at 250lbs. On the plus side, the padding makes it comfortable to use for patients with arthritis or limited hand movement.


  • Smart design with small frame
  • Lighter than standard models
  • Ensures support and fall prevention
  • Ergonomic shape that does not strain the back
  • Adjustable height and length
  • Very stable once installed
  • Quick assembly (less than five minutes)
  • Low cost


  • Does not work well with low-profile box springs
  • Some users report the board causes the mattress to lift up slightly
  • Assembly instructions are unclear (you can use the manual pictures instead)

20. M-Rail Medical Drive Home Bed Assist Handle with Pouch

The M-Rail’s distinct design serves to assist individuals in moving from a lying position to a sitting position. It’s the ergonomic M-shaped contour that allows for a secure hold on any part of the grab rail. For a better grip, a non-slip padded grip pad covers the upper part of the M-shaped frame. The same type of grips are also on the stabilizing bars to keep them from sliding out of the mattress. An extra-long safety strap can further secure the bed assist handle to the bed frame. On paper, the included strap should work on a single to king-size bed but it’s not just long enough for the job so you need to consider this before purchasing.

The addition of multiple crossbars also provides better access regardless of the mattress’ thickness. These bars also serve as an excellent hanging spot for the included multi-compartment accessory pouch. You can use the pouch to store remote controls, glasses, and other small items you can store upright.


  • The M-shape rail for easy access
  • Includes a multi-compartment accessory pouch
  • Maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs


  • The extra-long nylon safety straps don’t really fit larger bed frames

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21. Stander Mobility Adult Home Bed Rail

This is a reliable bed rail with extendable legs that is suitable both for at-home use and a hospital setting. With a built-in safety strap, this handle allows your loved one to comfortably exit their bed, but to also have a stable foundation to lean on when standing up. The rail is cushioned and has a unique shape that maintains a steady posture. It also comes with a useful removable pouch that features four pockets, where your relative can store essential items like medication, a cell phone or personal belongings. This item can hold up to 300lbs.

Stander is a family-based company – its founder, Jan Miller, created the product to care for her grandmother, Essie. The woman had limited mobility and was able to regain some of her independence due to her granddaughter’s dedication and concern.


  • Well-constructed, offers optimal support
  • Ergonomic design with U-shape for increased stability
  • Has a four-pocket holder for storing items
  • Features a swing-away arm
  • Easy to adjust
  • Foam rubber covers for better grip
  • Prevents patients from rolling out of bed during nighttime
  • Lightweight


  • If the user pushes the rail forward when they get up, it slides from under the bed
  • Instruction manual is unclear and difficult to navigate
  • Overall aspect is not as pleasant
  • Higher cost

22. Vive Bed Assist Rail

This ergonomic handle offers increased bedside support and a safe way for your loved one to transition in and out of their sleeping space. Featuring a stabilizing bar and a sturdy frame, the product can be used with any bedside (including double size), as well as within a hospital area. The height can be modified anywhere between 13 and 21 inches, allowing it to work well with different types of mattresses. The tip of the legs is covered in rubber for increased stability, and the base bar can also be adjusted. Additionally, the handle is non-slip, but solid, padded with quality foam for added comfort.

Vive’s model is made of durable steel and lasts longer than traditional bed rails. It is simple and quick to put together, and the assembly does not require any tools or special guidelines to follow. This is one of the least expensive alternatives on the market. It can hold up to 250lbs. A drawback to this item is that the rail might not be low enough for some beds. In this case, it can end up lifting the mattress and causing some discomfort.


  • Long-lasting, strong and convenient
  • Can be used with a wide range of different beds and mattress types
  • Features adjustable height
  • Comfortable handle that allows a secure, non-slip grip
  • Easy to assemble
  • Low cost
  • Quick delivery


  • Does not fold for easier storage
  • Does not come with a belt to attach around the mattress for more stability
  • The rail might not be low enough for some beds (shortest setting is at least 16 inches from the ground)

Best Dual Bed Rail

23. RMS Dual Bed Rail

This double bed handle offers maximized support and security. Your loved one will be able to safely transition and lean on either of the two rails, as well as exit or enter the bed from both sides. It is most suitable for twin or full beds, and the installation can be done without any tools.

RMS Dual Bed Rail has in-built foam that prevents slipping and keeps the handle fixed at all times. The product is made from strong steel that lasts longer and is easier to maintain compared to other materials. The frame is also powder-coated, making it resistant to rust and corrosion, but also more convenient to clean. With this model, you don’t have to worry about the rail wobbling, sliding out of place or breaking down over time. The full package includes a useful instruction manual and a limited lifetime warranty.


  • High-quality materials and sturdy design
  • Features a dual support system, secured on each side of the bed
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Lasts longer than traditional models
  • Prevents patients from falling off the bed at night
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Speedy delivery


  • Lowering the rails to exit the bed requires a lot of strength
  • (not ideal for patients with limited strength or who don’t have a caregiver)
  • Side rails are very difficult to remove (for transport)

24. LumaRail-Triple Secure, Double-Sided Bed Rail Bracket with LED Night Light Sensor and Straps for Brightness

Platinum Health’s LumaRail-Triple Secure bed assist rail has a handful of unique features not found on regular bed rails. This includes an Intellibrite LED motion sensor night light and glow-in-the-dark safety strips. The strips help locate the handles, especially when the patient needs to get up in the dark. This can also prevent the patient from rolling onto the rails.

Standard bed rail features on the LumaRail-Triple Secure include padded non-slip grips, fixed weight-bearing side rails, height-adjustable top rail, safety anchor strap, and thick-walled tubing. The height-adjustable top rails allow the bed rail to fit on thicker than average mattresses. You can adjust the rail height from 29 inches to 37.5 inches.

Thick-walled tubing, on the other hand, allows for a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds. This is impressive since most bed rails only have maximum weight capacities of around 250 to 300 pounds. This means that heavyset individuals can use this bed rail without worries. Another safety feature is the 20-inch padded dual handrail width. Length should be an important consideration for these bed rails. Longer rails like this allow for easier bed entry and exit since there are more places to grab as needed.


  • Can accommodate thicker mattresses
  • Adjustable top rail
  • Thicker tubes with 400 lb max capacity


  • It will only fit up to a full-sized bed
  • Won’t work on thinner mattresses

This bedrail is also adjustable horizontally to fit larger beds. From 40 inches, the rail can extend up to 56 inches, fitting into a full-sized bed. Even though it may seem like it, this double bed rail’s weakness is not on the extension part but on the thickness of the mattress. Mattresses that are thinner than 10 inches may not have enough weight to hold the bed rail down.