22 Best Elevated Toilet Seats, Frames & Commodes for Seniors

Mobility issues can have a dramatic impact on your loved one’s quality of life. They can take away much of their independence, and also turn daily tasks like using the bathroom into health hazards. If your relative wants to do more on their own, without having to rely on their caregiver for assistance, there are products that can help them regain some balance and flexibility. A commode or elevated seat can make using the toilet more comfortable and, most importantly, safer.

If your family member struggles with dementia, limited mobility or chronic conditions like multiple sclerosis, they might benefit from having an assistive device in their home. The latter can make it easier for them to carry out routine activities like using the toilet or even showering. A commode assist creates a safe environment for them to perform daily tasks and reduces the risk of falling, slipping or getting injured.

A standard commode assist can feature a security rail or locking mechanism, an elevated seat or a pair of ergonomic handles for support. A high-quality device will likely include all three of these elements, as well as several other features for increased convenience and comfort.

Generally speaking, these devices can be freestanding or used in combination with a toilet. They are usually self-powered and lock automatically to stay fixed in place. Before making your purchase, you should know the exact measurements of your toilet, but also the height and weight capacity of your chosen product.

How to Choose the Right Product?

The best seat riser is one that efficiently minimizes the assistance your loved one requires during simple activities like using the bathroom. The purpose of such a device is to provide stability, balance, and support. It ensures increased height that makes it easier for your relative to lower, stand up or bend before and after use.

Some models also include ergonomic handrails with firm padding for additional aid. Others have built-in locking mechanisms, anti-slip material and other safety features for maximized security.

Below you will find a comprehensive guide on the most efficient and reliable commode assists that can offer more comfort and support for your loved one:

Best Commodes With Automatic Liftup Assist:

1. Carex Uplift Commode Assist

Featuring a modern design that offers increased stability, Carex Uplift Commode Assist can help your loved one with getting on and off the toilet more easily. It is well-built and can be gently raised for more convenient use. The height from the top of the seat to the ground can be adjusted and the item can support up to 70% of the patient’s weight.

This self-powered device can be placed over the toilet or used as a standalone. The leg height can also be modified and the feet are covered in rubber for extra safety and balance. Without requiring much maintenance, the frame is powder-coated to protect against rust and damage with repeated use. The entire model is made from solid steel that provides more support and lasts longer than typical commode assists.


  • can be used both over toilets and as a standalone
  • durable, strong and safe
  • height adjustable
  • easy and quick to clean
  • portable and comfortable
  • holds up to 300lbs
  • offers 70% lift-up assistance
  • features tilt lift


  • the lift mechanism requires some strength to use
  • instruction manual is unclear and difficult to navigate
  • seat opening is fairly small, not ideal for heavier patients

2. GentleBoost Uplift Assist Commode

This multifunction assist is a convenient solution to help your loved one with their daily routines. It can be used as a standalone, but also in combination with a toilet or as a chair for easier showering. With a straightforward and sturdy design, it helps your family member regain their independence and perform different tasks without their caregiver always being by their side. In addition to the comfortable armrests, the device features a seat, as well as a backrest, both of which have soft padding.

The safety rail ensures that the item does not wobble at all or tip over during use. GentleBoost requires little maintenance and works in a simple way – your loved one can rest on the arm props and push them down for support when getting up. When they lean forward to lift, the seat will automatically begin to raise slowly and help them stand up. This self-powered mechanism can also lower them down steadily and safely. It does not require any button to push or strength from the user.


  • strong, stable and secure
  • offers increased support and balance
  • has quality, non-slip padding for added comfort
  • features detachable handrails, backrest and seat
  • automatic lift up mechanism that gradually raises or lowers the chair
  • promotes proper posture and a natural range of motion
  • hospital-grade product
  • prevents skin tears and wounds
  • also suitable for shower use
  • legs and backrest are removable
  • easy to assemble and clean


  • chair might be too tall for shorter users
  • higher cost compared to other models
  • seat opening is fairly small

3. Mobile Commode Chair with Assistive Seat

This is a high-quality commode assist that was designed specifically to improve mobility. It is a smart option if your loved one is moving a lot or requires frequent hospital visits. Moreover, the item can also come in handy if the patient has impaired mobility and cannot make it to the bathroom on their own.

This is a reliable product that can help them reach and use the bathroom safely when their caregiver is not present. The design is safer than that of most traditional seat risers that you will find on the market, as it also prevents slipping and greatly reduces the risk of falling and injury.

Mobile Commode Chair offers an innovative solution to the most common problems seniors face when struggling with decreased mobility. It is not only a trustworthy aid in combination with a toilet, but it can also be used for sitting down in the shower. Additionally, if your loved one’s wheelchair is too big to fit through narrow spaces or doors, this is a good alternative for bathroom use.

This model was designed by an orthopedic surgeon, it has an ergonomic shape that corrects posture and several features that make it more comfortable and convenient. The latter includes a solid back rest with soft padding and an adjustable seat that can be customized to meet different needs. Mobile Commode Chair has a higher weight capacity than most risers on the market at up to 400lbs. This makes it suitable for overweight or heavier patients.


  • multifunctional, strong and secure
  • durable, made from quality materials that guarantee optimal support
  • features back support with comfortable padding and ergonomic handles
  • prevents slipping and injury
  • can be used without any caregiver assistance
  • suitable for most toilets, shower use, and transportation
  • the first waterproof commode on the market
  • spring-loaded seat that can be adjusted
  • comes with a pail for cleanup
  • mobile and convenient
  • comes with four sturdy casters and removable footrests
  • can hold up to 400lbs
  • rolls smoothly over indoor surfaces
  • has Velcro straps that lock it into position
  • wheels can be locked with a safe braking system


  • higher cost compared to most models on the market
  • does not feature an automatic lifting mechanism
  • does not fit comfortably with an elongated toilet

4. GentleBoost Uplift Assist Commode and Shower Chair with Integrated Toilet Safety Rail

GentleBoost’s Uplift Assist Commode’s rugged and rust-proof aluminum frame can support up to 285 pounds. This is a professional-grade product designed by safety experts with a robust-looking toilet safety rail, but it also serves as a raised toilet seat, bedside portable commode, and shower chair. When used as a free-standing commode, the GentleBoost includes 2 pails that you can use alternately. As a raised toilet seat, GentleBoost proprietary stand assist technology, users can use a self-powered mechanism on the armrests by simply placing their hands on the end of the armrests and leaning forward, pressing down on the armrest. These sets of actions will cause the seat to rise steadily, guiding the user to a standing position. The chair will also slowly lower as the user takes a seat, with the armrests providing support.

For better comfort, the seat height is also adjustable from 10 13/16 inches to 24 inches. High-use areas like the hand grips, backrest, and seat are padded with hi-view blue institutional quality PU foam that is durable and hydrophobic. The color is to ensure that the chair is highly visible and won’t become a tripping hazard. Upholstery may not sound necessary but the PU foam padding provides comfort against the aluminum frame.


  • Multipurpose and versatile safety chair
  • Spring-loaded uplift mechanism
  • Self-powered lean-forward armrests
  • 285 lbs maximum weight capacity
  • Non-slip rubber glide grip
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Easy tool-free assembly
  • Includes 2 pails


  • Not suitable for infirmed individuals
  • Even though it’s adjustable, the seat is still too tall

5. Drive Medical Aluminum Shower Commode Mobile Chair

Drive Medical’s mobile shower chair can serve as a portable self-contained commode or as a mobility aid, placed over a toilet. It’s designed for convenience and to minimize the need for constant chair-to-commode transfers. The seat has a cutout that comes with a removable bucket for an easy transition to a standard toilet.

Many like this mobile shower chair looking like a regular wheelchair. It’s a familiar device for many, easing the discomfort of routine chair-to-commode transfers. But still, this mobile chair still has some design details that can cause discomfort. For one, the seat cutout is too big for frail patients. The front opening of the cutout also poses the risk of catching or pinching the patient’s legs. Next, the design of the caster wheels’ brakes requires some level of strength and dexterity to lock.


  • Multipurpose commode, wheelchair, and shower chair
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Padded arms and seat backrest with swing-away footrests
  • Rear locking casters
  • 275 lbs maximum weight capacity


  • The caster wheels are difficult to lock
  • The cutout is too big for slimmer individuals

Overall dimensions are 34.5 inches long by 22.25 inches wide by 39 inches high. The seats are 17 inches in diameter, 18 inches wide, and 20 to 22 inches high, while the chair’s backrest measures 19 inches high. This makes the seat higher than average and it can still rise up to 2 inches. These measurements mean that this commode chair is suitable for tall yet slim individuals. It can still be suitable for shorter people as the standard footrests have adjustable height and angle.

Best Toilet Safety Frames and Seat Assists:

6. Healthline Toilet Safety Frame and Seat Assist

This support device is a sturdy and reliable option that your family member can use to safely transition on and off the toilet. It is very quick and simple to attach, does not require any assembly and can be transferred easily. The frame is made from long-lasting aluminum and the brackets are powder-coated to prevent wear and tear. Lightweight and portable, this is a smart option for traveling.

A downside to this product is that the hand grips are made from hard plastic and do not have any foam padding, which can be uncomfortable with frequent use. On the plus side, the anodizing ensures a harder construction that has more integrity and cannot peel over time.

The brackets are strong and can be adjusted anywhere between 18 and 24 inches. You can choose from various model sizes, all designed to meet different needs. The arm width can range from as little as 185 inches to over 2,000 inches.


  • light and durable aluminum frame
  • easy to use, transfer and clean
  • firm padding for added comfort
  • can be adjusted in multiple directions
  • simple and quick to put together
  • can be disassembled when not needed
  • suitable for travel use
  • low cost


  • some users report the rails have a slight wobble from side to side
  • requires frequent tightening
  • not suitable for heavier users

7. HEPO Improved Steel Safety Toilet Rail

This item provides a smart solution for one of the most common difficulties seniors struggle with. HEPO offers more versatility and security than other models on the market – it accommodates any commode size and features a unique design that guarantees optimal support. The assembly can be done within minutes and requires no special tools. The ergonomic shape improves posture and relieves back discomfort, and the mechanical welding ensures a higher weight capacity and increased sturdiness.

HEPO Improved Safety Toilet Rail is made of durable steel and has six different height adjustment levels. What makes this model stand out from others on the market is the innovative fixed clamp system. The latter keeps the commode locked in place and makes sure that the rail does not tip over even if your loved one pushes with both hands on only one side.

This design is safer and more reliable, allowing your loved one more flexibility and ease of movement. Additionally, the handrails contain HDPE, a durable material with superior corrosion, chemical and crack resistance. Ductile and non-toxic, the high-quality frame does not develop an odor over time. The fabric that covers the handgrips is waterproof and easy to clean. It offers a firm, non-slip grip and prevents wounds or skin breakdown that might occur with repeated use.


  • lasts longer than standard models
  • sturdy, well-built and impact resistant
  • quality, non-toxic frame for maximized stability
  • water-resistant, comfortable fabric that minimizes skin lesions
  • weight capacity of up to 300lbs
  • unique clamp system that keeps rail fixed in place during use
  • freestanding design
  • does not tip over when using only one side
  • height and width adjustable
  • more balanced than regular models, does not wobble
  • economical


  • instructions for assembly are unclear
  • not as light as other models, not ideal for travel
  • takes up more space than regular rails

8. Hukoer Bathroom Toilet Seat Frame Rail

Designed specifically to optimize safety and increase stability, Hukoer Bathroom Toilet Seat Frame Rail guarantees superior comfort and convenience for your loved one. The device has a unique ratio that provides more support and balance compared to regular models.

Made from quality and long-lasting materials, it is freestanding and does not turn or tip over when greater pressure is applied on one side. The PU is impact and corrosion resistant, but also maintains a warm temperature even during winter. The carbon-metal stent can withstand wear with repeated use, and the steel is low-maintenance and solid.

Hukoer’s Frame Rail has a sturdy base that does not get in the way. It is more secure than other products on the market because the design prevents tripping, particularly stumbling during night time. The latter is a common concern for seniors, to which the bottom arc of the rail offers a smart and safe solution. The device has an inverted triangle shape that ensures the frame does not wobble at all, even under considerable strain.


  • solid design that maximizes stability and safety
  • high-quality materials with increased lifespan
  • prevents slipping or tripping and does not wobble
  • handles can be removed
  • light and compact
  • made from strong steel and cold-resistant PU
  • can hold up to 300lbs
  • handrails feature non-slip material for a tight grip


  • handles do not have padding
  • does not feature automatic lifting mechanism
  • higher cost

9. Vive Toilet Safety Rail Frame – Grab Bars for Bathroom Fall Prevention

Vive Toilet Safety Rail Frame is one medical device that is excellent for daily home use. It’s adjustable with 19.5-inch molded composite textured armrests and a non-slip suction cup base. The crossbar design proves to be better at stabilizing the structure, especially when you heavily lean into it to get up from the toilet. This design is also advantageous in ensuring that the rail frame will fit on a wide range of toilets. The crossbar fits from under so it’s not very restrictive when it comes to the toilet bowl’s size and shape.

Locking push pins allow for easy height adjustments. The legs are adjustable from 26 to 31.5 inches; the crossbar from 22 to 24 inches; and the arms from 21 to 26.5 inches. You can adjust the handrails in 1/2 inch increments. Some setting up is necessary. The back part of the Vive toilet safety rail bolts into the same holes used by the existing toilet seat. This does not interfere with the toilet seat in any way.


  • Compatible with most standard or elongated two-piece toilets
  • Adjustable crossbar, legs, and arm rails
  • 300 pounds maximum weight capacity


  • The aluminum rails could be stronger

Best Bedside Commodes:

10. DMI Portable Commode Chair for Easy Transfers

A common issue with regular commode assists is that they cannot be carried around easily. This is a smart alternative if your loved one needs to take frequent hospital visits and require this device when their caregiver is not with them. DMI’s Commode Chair was designed with easy portability in mind, allowing your family member to use it whenever and wherever they need it.

The base is made from durable steel that ensures more strength compared to regular models. The tips are covered in rubber to prevent slipping and wobbling. Additionally, the arms can be folded down for more convenient transfer. Another benefit to this product is its versatility – the handle height can be modified at anywhere between 19 and 23 inches and the adjustments can be made with one-inch increments. A downside of DMI’s model is that it has a fairly small weight capacity at only 250lbs, so it is not intended for heavier users.


  • lightweight, comfortable and compact
  • portable, most useful for traveling
  • solid steel materials for increased longevity and support
  • rubber tips that prevent unnecessary movement
  • legs and seat are adjustable
  • assembly is simple and requires no tools
  • features splash guard
  • full package includes eight-quart pail for cleanup
  • armrests come with comfortable padding


  • not suitable for overweight patients (low weight capacity)
  • seat has a small frame and the opening is fairly narrow
  • not as sturdy as other models

11. Vive Bedside Commode Bariatric Seat

This multifunctional device is a useful alternative for seniors with limited strength and mobility. It can be used as a rail for added safety, as a standalone unit or in combination with a toilet as a raised seat. The smart design ensures more stability than you would expect with a traditional model. In addition, the base is made from steel that is resistant to corrosion and rust, and able to provide increased strength and support.

Although Vive’s seat is very sturdy, it is fairly light and portable. It also incorporates a variety of features that make it more comfortable and convenient to use. Every leg is covered with a hard rubber cap to prevent slipping and does not leave any marks or scratches on the floor. There is also a 7.5-quart pail that can be used for cleanup and a lid with splash protection. The handles contain closed-cell foam that is more dense and comfortable than regular padding. This product is design for bariatric use and comes with a sixty-day unconditional guarantee. It has a higher weight capacity than most models on the market, at up to 350lbs.


  • intelligent design with multiple functions
  • quality materials and strong frame
  • legs and armrests are height adjustable
  • features pail and splash guard
  • handles have soft foam padding for added comfort
  • bariatric support: holds up to 350lbs
  • wider base with a larger seat opening
  • can be folded flat for easier transfer
  • pail is removable
  • easy to put together and clean
  • budget-friendly


  • seat could be larger
  • bucket is fairly small and not very deep
  • seat has clamps (no welded base), not ideal for users with balance issues

Best Raised Toilet Seats:

12. OasisSpace Medical Raised Toilet Seat

This model combines functionality, comfort, and safety to create a unique device that your loved one can use without any assistance from a caregiver. The user-friendly seat offers the highest quality on the market, as well as several helpful features for added convenience. It is approved by the FDA and guarantees more stability and improved safety. It is suitable for regular toilets, but also for toilets with an elongated base.

OasisSpace has an ergonomic shape that promotes proper posture and relieves back tension. The raised seat adds up to five inches of height and makes it simple and comfortable for your loved one to stand up or lower.

The handles are covered in rubber to ensure a firm and secure grip. But they also contain soft padding to avoid causing any strain with repeated use. It takes under two minutes to put the whole device together and you don’t need any special tools for the assembly. This is one of the least expensive options on the market.


  • stable and secure
  • offers more balance than most rails
  • features lifted seat with up to 5 inches of added height
  • handles are sturdy, non-slip and comfortable
  • can be used with elongated and standard toilets
  • assembly is simple and quick
  • weight capacity of up to 300lbs
  • easy to remove from the toilet seat when not needed
  • arms can be removed
  • low cost


  • rocks or tips over if pressure is placed only on one side
  • width between the handles can be too small for some users
  • fairly difficult to clean compared to other models

13. Commode Booster and Seat Riser

This is a portable and convenient seat that provides a safe lift and maximized support for your loved one. With a non-slip surface and a hefty base, Commode Booster can add up to 5 inches of height above the level of your toilet, allowing quick and secure access that also relieves discomfort and corrects posture. It is one of the most lightweight models on the market at only 5lbs.

It was designed to make traveling easier and to prevent common issues like wobbling. Suitable for both elongated and regular toilets, the device has push pins, seamless edges and a contoured seat with an ergonomic shape for optimal support.

Commode Booster is sturdy and lasts longer than a traditional rail. The heavy-duty plastic is thick and resistant, ensuring a fixed fit and less shakiness. A unique feature of this model is the locking mechanism that guarantees more safety than a standard seat riser has to offer. The handles are covered with textured rubber that prevents slipping and skin breakdown.


  • portable, strong and convenient
  • lighter than standard models at only 5lbs
  • features a specialized locking mechanism for added security
  • larger base and overall wider surface
  • easy to install, store and transfer
  • comfortable and tight grip
  • assembly can be done without any tools
  • low-maintenance


  • not as durable as other models
  • not height adjustable
  • does not feature automatic lift

14. Essential Medical Supply Elevated Toilet Seat with Arms

Essential Medical Supply Elevated Toilet Seat offers optimal support and balance that allow your loved one to perform their daily routines without any assistance. Unlike traditional rails and seats, this model is installed under the toilet for increased stability. It is fourteen inches wide and almost twenty inches long. The base is sturdy and stable, made from high-quality materials that are impact resistant.

This device also comes with handles that make it easier for your family member to get on and off the toilet. They feature a non-slip fabric, as well as thin padding for more added comfort. This product is easy to clean and maintain, and it only takes a few minutes to install. The arm rests can be removed and the maximum weight capacity is 300lbs.


  • straightforward design that is easy to use
  • seat is contoured, thick and tightly fixed in place
  • firm and comfortable grip
  • riser is made from hard plastic and lasts longer than regular seats
  • suitable both for normal and elongated toilets
  • handles are removable
  • bottom side of the seat is cushioned and soft
  • prevents slipping
  • easy to use and clean
  • low cost


  • fasteners are made from metal and fairly rigid
  • bolts need frequent retightening
  • assembly takes a longer time (between 15 and 20 minutes)
  • bolts are made of zinc and can rust over time

15. Carex Raised Toilet Seat with Handles

This budget-friendly item offers a smart solution for your loved one, especially if they struggle with bending or flexibility. It features a lifted toilet seat that is sturdy and stable, adding 3.5 inches worth of height. In addition, there are two handles with soft padding for increased support. The base is well-built and can be placed under your existing seat. The design is compact and convenient, without taking up any extra space.

Carex Raised Toilet Seat is useful for someone with mobility or balance issues. It does not teeter and has anti-slip material. If it is tightened correctly, it never tips over even when both hands push only on one side. The armrests can also be removed for easier transfer or if they are not needed. A drawback to this model is that it is not very portable – the seat riser must be bolted to the toilet and is intended to be permanently fixed.


  • secure design, does not tilt or wobble
  • durable materials for increased lifespan and strength
  • elevated seat that adds 3.5 inches of height
  • detachable hand rests with comfortable padding
  • goes under the toilet and the original seat can be shut on top of it
  • assembly is easy and fast
  • speedy delivery
  • low cost


  • not compatible with elongated toilets
  • needs to be removed regularly to clean the toilet
  • fairly small weight capacity (up to 250lbs)

16. Vive Raised Toilet Seat

Vive Raised Toilet Seat is simple to use, lightweight and a good option for traveling. It accommodates regular toilets, as well as elongated bases. It is easy to clean and maintain, and it has an ergonomic shape that relieves discomfort and improves posture.

Additionally, it features a locking plate that ensures the item will remain fixed in place and reduces shakiness and tilting. The handles are comfortable and have quality padding. Moreover, the seat opening is wider than you would expect with regular commodes.

This model adds 5 inches of height to your existing toilet. It helps your loved one bend or stand up with less strain, as well as maintain their balance during use. A disadvantage to this type of seat is that it has a low weight capacity.

However, it also has a small, portable frame that is lighter than traditional models and much more convenient to carry around. The installation is straightforward – simply lift the lid of your toilet, slide the elevated seat in between and tighten it appropriately.


  • compact, highly portable and stable
  • suitable for both elongated and normal toilets
  • features locking plate for added safety
  • elevated seat with up to 5 additional inches of height
  • simple and quick clean
  • easy to use and put together (under one minute)
  • handles are removable
  • made from heavy-duty materials that last longer
  • does not take up a lot of space
  • comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • economical


  • small weight capacity: up to 250lbs
  • only compatible with flat toilet frames
  • tips to a side if you push only on one armrest
  • not as sturdy as other models
  • locking bolt is made from plastic and will break in time

17. Vaunn Medical Clamp-On Toilet Seat Riser

This Vaunn model offers quality support and even weight distribution for increased stability. It is easy to clean and maintain, and useful if your loved one struggles with standing up or maintaining their balance. Although it is sturdy and durable, it is more lightweight than most models you will find on the market, at only 4lbs. It also has increased strength and can hold up to 300lbs, making it a good choice for heavier patients as well.

Vaunn Medical Toilet Seat Riser stands out from other products due to its unique clamp-on system. The latter ensures a simple, fast and tool-free installation that can be done within seconds – you just need to fasten the device’s clamps to securely attach it to the toilet.

The release mechanism allows you to remove the riser at any time with little to no effort. This is much more convenient than the assembly, frequent tightening and maintenance you must perform for a typical commode assist. This seat riser offers superior quality at an affordable rate, being one of the most economical options on the market.


  • strong, compact and portable
  • smart design with simple clamp-on attachment
  • very easy and quick to install and clean
  • can be removed within seconds at any time for added convenience
  • lighter than most models, useful for traveling
  • ensures proper elevation and posture
  • does not take up much space
  • low cost


  • made from thin plastic that absorbs odor easily and requires regular cleaning
  • not compatible with elongated toilet seats
  • more wobbly than other models

18. Carex E-Z Lock Raised Toilet Seat with Handles

With a height addition of up to 5 inches, Carex E-Z Lock Raised Toilet Seat is a comfortable and reliable option for your loved one to manage without any caregiver assistance. It has a wider base and increased depth, as well as a larger seat opening.

It accommodates a wide range of toilet types, including elongated, round and standard. Aside from more versatility, this model contours the body and improves posture. The installation is straightforward and only requires a few screws to complete.

Carex E-Z Raised Toilet Seat also features a locking mechanism for added safety. The handles are well-positioned and have an ergonomic shape with soft padding. Moreover, the item is suitable for heavier patients, with a weight capacity of up to 300lbs.


  • high-quality materials that last longer
  • large base with more depth
  • compatible with most types of toilets
  • sturdy arms made from tubular metal
  • simple and quick to assemble
  • well-built, strong construction that withstands a lot of weight
  • handles are removable and feature comfortable padding
  • easy to clean
  • low cost


  • arm rests are not adjustable
  • requires periodic tightening
  • does not feature splash guard
  • unstable if resting only on one handle

19. Drive Medical Elevated Toilet Seat

This is a basic and portable model that your loved one can use at home or during travel. It has a sturdy base and a straightforward design that does not take up a lot of space. It is made from heavy-duty materials, is resistant to impact and lasts longer than traditional seats. It is also lighter and has a small frame that is easy to transfer. The metal arms are solid and provide increased support. On the downside, they could use softer padding as they can be a little hard on the hands. However, they can be removed if your relative does not need them.

Drive Medical’s model is made from quality molded plastic and adds up to 5 inches of extra height that helps your loved one stay safe and balanced. It facilitates mobility and promotes proper posture. The specialized locking device ensures that it stays fixed in place at all times and does not wobble or tip over. This model is lightweight and inexpensive, offering an affordable solution for your family.


  • quality design that is easy to use
  • resistant arms for increased support and stability
  • additional height of up to 5 inches
  • features locking mechanism for extra security
  • compatible with round and regular toilets, but also fits elongated seats
  • can be used without removing the original seat
  • assembly is simple
  • very easy to clean and maintain
  • light, compact and portable
  • low cost


  • does not fit as tightly on elongated toilets
  • only locks on one point and can tilt or wobble easily with uneven pressure
  • seat opening is fairly small
  • low weight capacity (only 250lbs)

20. Vaunn Medical Elevated Toilet Seat

This elevated toilet seat offers the highest quality on the market with flexible pricing. It was designed specifically to help seniors with decreased mobility and balance issues to safely and comfortably use the bathroom. It features a specialized locking system, a height extender and durable material that protects against bacteria and wear over time.

Vaunn Medical’s model prioritizes comfort and security. It is low-maintenance, easy to use and convenient for traveling. It is lighter than standard seat risers and also has a compact frame. In addition, the seat is kept in place with push pins and it can be adjusted and customized to fit different toilet sizes. The handles have an ergonomic shape that maximizes their support, as well as firm padding for a tighter, non-slip grip.


  • sturdy and stable
  • smart, user-friendly design
  • easy to clean
  • handles are comfortable and strong
  • anti-bacterial material with soft padding that prevents slipping
  • features locking system for added safety
  • has seamless edges to prevent injury
  • ADA compliant, suitable for patients with impaired mobility
  • simple and fast to put together
  • low cost


  • small weight capacity (250lbs)
  • there is a small gap in the back when used with elongated toilets
  • tips over with uneven pressure
  • armrests are made of metal and get cold with low temperatures

21. Drive Medical RTL12027RA Raised Toilet Seat with Removable Padded Arms, Standard Seat

This 2-in-1 locking raised toilet seat has an overall seat width of 20 inches, an inside seat width of 8 inches, a seat depth of 16 inches, an inside seat depth of 9 inches, a seat height of 5 inches (10 inches with handles), and a seat lock range of 11.5 inches to 15.5 inches. Average round toilet seats have a diameter of 16.5 inches, while elongated toilet seats often have a diameter of 18.5 inches. Drive Medical RTL12027RA toilet riser hangs over the sides and the front of the toilet bowl for better stabilization. A simple locking mechanism secures the raised toilet seat to the side of the toilet bowl.

Adjustable and removable armrests provide an excellent mobility aid for going in and out of the toilet. They screw into place easily and securely. The pads are an excellent detail, but one issue is that the distance between the two armrests is on the narrow side. So, even if the elevated toilet seat can support individuals that are up to 300 pounds in weight, it cannot support individuals that are wider in girth.


  • Fits both standard round and elongated toilet bowls
  • Removable padded arms
  • Adds 5 inches of elevation
  • 300 lbs maximum weight capacity
  • No-tool installation


  • It’s on the narrower side
  • The locking mechanism may not work on several toilet designs

Made from plastic, Drive Medical RTL12027RA is lightweight and relatively easy to clean. Also, unlike other raised toilet seats, Drive Medical locks into the toilet with a simple knob instead of a hard to manipulate an exposed screw-type knob. There’s an issue with the locking mechanism, though. It won’t lock properly when used on toilet bowls with narrow rims.

22. AquaSense Raised Toilet Seat with Lid

AquaSense is a basic raised toilet seat model that serves its purpose perfectly. Made from durable blow-molded plastic, this raised toilet seat has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds. With a lip on the front and locks on the sides, it can provide 4 inches of secure elevation. It looks and feels like a regular toilet seat especially with the included lid but sturdier and more comfortable.

The seat is stable and there is no wobbling when installed properly on a compatible toilet. You’ll need to first remove the existing toilet seat and clamp the raised seat on each side of the toilet bowl. The built-in clamps with knobs will allow you to adjust the fit of the raised toilet seat.

The exact dimensions aren’t specified but it fits standard toilet bowls. This is not advisable for elongated (egg-shaped) toilet bowls, though. It’s more suitable for round toilet bowls since its design won’t allow for full coverage on an elongated toilet. Also, when used on round toilet bowls, the raised toilet seat’s interior will have an overhang that can keep the toilet bowl clean, something that may not be achieved on elongated bowls.


  • Compatible with most toilets
  • Contoured seat for better comfort
  • No-tool installation
  • Easy to clean


  • Does not include a toilet safety rail

AquaSense Raised Toilet Seat can make sitting down or standing up from the toilet easier for those with mobility issues. One setback is that it does not include a toilet safety rail. This model, though, is compatible with a toilet safety rail model also from AquaSense but you’ll need to purchase the rail separately.