18 Best Walkers For Seniors

Limited mobility does not have to be a debilitating diagnosis. With new technology emerging every year, there are now life-changing options on the market that help your family member regain much of their mobility. Your loved one will be able to move independently and even discover new areas on their own, without any assistance.

Does my loved one need a walker?

If your loved one is struggling with movement when they don’t have a caregiver by their side, they might benefit from using a walker. Although a cane or a pair of crutches can aid them with their mobility, these alternatives often come with downsides that are not worth the benefits in the long run.

For instance, crutches can cause severe damage to the blood vessels and nerves in your armpit, whereas canes do not offer enough stability and can be unsafe when dealing with acute mobility issues. A walker ensures more balance, sturdiness, security, and comfort than its wheel-free counterparts. It also helps the user keep their back straight and guarantees an increased lifespan.

What types of walkers can I choose from?

There are different designs and models that you can choose for your family:

  • Standard folding walkers: most suitable for indoor use, they are lightweight and typically have an aluminum frame; they can be folded to fit into car trunks or they collapse completely for quick and easy storage;
  • Triangle 3-wheeled walkers: these are easy to maneuver and useful for patients who have limited strength; they feature a front wheel and two rear wheels, but do not have a seat, knee pad or handle for resting;
  • Rollators or 4-wheeled walkers: with four legs and a wheel on each of them, these types of walkers offer more speed and versatility, but also require more strength to control properly; they enhance mobility and usually have built-in baskets or storage bags, as well as a locking system for the wheels;
  • Bariatric walkers: these have the same features of a standard walker, but with a much higher weight capacity and a wider, sturdier base;
  • Scooter-type walkers: these items have a cushioned platform where the user can rest their knee or leg; they are typically designed for temporary use and they offer more steering flexibility than traditional walkers.

How to Choose the Best Walker

Walkers can aid your loved one if they are suffering from balance issues, conditions like multiple sclerosis or just general fatigue when walking for a greater distance. These effective pieces of equipment come with a whole range of features, all meant to make transportation more convenient and safe. Below you will find a guide on the most reliable and comfortable walkers for seniors.

 1. Vive Folding Walker

This simple, portable walker allows your loved one to regain their independence and move without any assistance. It is lightweight but able to hold up to 250lbs. It can be customized to meet different needs and sizes, with adjustable height at anywhere between 33 and 40 inches.

The grips are covered in rubber to prevent slips, but also to decrease fatigue and hand strain. Additionally, it has a straightforward design that is easy to use. Pushing two buttons triggers the walker to fold down for storage and transfer. There is also inch measurement marking on all four legs.

What makes Vive’s product stand out is its sturdiness and durability. The frame is made from long-lasting aluminum that is anodized with a protective coating. This guarantees increased lifespan and resistance to impact. Moreover, the base is extruded – it doesn’t emit sparks, weighs less than its counterparts and does not rust. The full package includes two sport wheels with hard rubber that help your loved one navigate the walker on rough terrain.


  • Strong aluminum frame with extrusion for increased longevity
  • Padded hand grips with comfortable, non-slip rubber
  • Simple push-button release mechanism for folding
  • Portable, compact and convenient for travel use
  • Features an organizer bag for storing personal items
  • Comes with removable wheels for hard surface navigation
  • Quick assembly without any tools
  • Prompt delivery


  • Weight limit is fairly low compared to other models
  • Hard to maneuver on carpet due to the rubber pieces
  • The pouch is difficult to attach

2. Carex 3 Wheel Walker For Seniors

This is a three-wheeled walker designed specifically for seniors with limited mobility. It is well-constructed and has a unique shape that guarantees extra stability. The frame is fairly small and it fits easily through narrow spaces. Moreover, it does not require a lot of strength or effort to maneuver and it rolls smoothly on most indoor surfaces. The sturdy wheels have rubber tires and ensure safe transfer on uneven terrain. The height of the handles can be customized for each individual user.

Carex is a budget-friendly brand that offers optimal support for transportation. Every 7-inch wheel has its own locking mechanism. The base has a large removable bag attached to it, where your loved one can store water bottles, books, medication, cell phones or personal belongings. On the downside, a three-wheel system is not ideal for patients who have balance issues. The walker can be folded with a simple move and used during travel.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Three-wheel system for increased mobility
  • Easier to lift and maneuver than a four-wheel walker
  • Has a storage bag with separate pockets for cell phone and ID card
  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use
  • Features hand brakes and different height options
  • Low maintenance, good for travel


  • Not intended for users with balance or severe mobility issues
  • Cannot assist with standing (only walking)
  • Some users report the handles are not screwed tightly enough and may begin to wobble as a result
  • Brakes cannot be locked when the walker is not used or ready for storage

3. Vaunn Medical Two Button Folding Walker

This is a user-friendly walker and one of the best choices you can make for traveling. It has adjustable height with one-inch increments, weight capacity of up to 300lbs and a compact base that transitions smoothly through narrow doors and areas. Vaunn’s product stands out from the rest due to its intelligent design – it has a small frame and rubber tips that prevent slipping. In addition, the walker conveniently folds down and the sides can be removed, making it much easier to store than other models.

Traditional walkers take up a lot of space and at best can be made to fit the trunk of your car. On the other hand, Vaunn’s model can be quickly disassembled and is lightweight and slim enough that it can be packed into a suitcase. Additionally, the hand grips are covered in vinyl for extra comfort and a firm grip. Another unique benefit of this walker is that it has a push-release mechanism that is simple to use and opens or closes the walker within seconds.


  • Compact and easy to maneuver
  • Smart design, fits well through small spaces
  • Convenient for travel use: lightweight and narrow frame
  • Fast disassembly and transfer
  • Requires little storage room (both sides can be detached)
  • Anodized aluminum base that is strong, safe and durable
  • Features two front wheels for uneven surface navigation
  • Low cost


  • Front wheels are not removable and cannot be locked
  • Height can be adjusted down to only 30 inches (might be too high for certain users)
  • The wheels do not swivel (for easier movement around corners)
  • Requires some strength to fold and unfold (not ideal for patients with arthritis)

4. Drive Medical Deluxe Two Button Folding Walker

Drive Medical Deluxe Folding Walker provides increased support and stability for seniors with mobility issues. It has cushioned hand grips, rear caps and two front wheels with rubber tires for added safety and comfort. One of the least expensive options on the market, the item is very easy to put together and maneuver. The aluminum base guarantees more strength and longevity, and the wheels glide effortlessly over surfaces like linoleum, wood , and carpet.

This walker is very sturdy but weighs less than typical models. Although it has a modest-sized frame, it might be difficult to fit through certain doors. A solution to this is to switch the wheels – make sure that they are placed inside of the frame instead of on the outside. This will reduce the walker’s girth by about 4 inches, allowing it to pass easily through narrow spaces.


  • Sturdy, comfortable and secure
  • Smooth transition over most indoor surfaces
  • Simple and quick to assemble
  • Each side functions independently for increased balance and mobility
  • Lighter than traditional walkers
  • Can be folded down for convenient storage and transfer
  • Does not leave markings on the floor
  • Low cost


  • Release lever requires some pressure to use (not ideal for patients with poor dexterity or limited strength)
  • Not as durable as other models
  • Does not work well on outdoor or rough terrain

5. Medline Heavy Duty Bariatric Mobility Rollator

This model is a useful alternative for heavier patients who need assistance. It offers bariatric support and has a weight capacity of up to 500lbs, almost double compared to regular walkers.

The base is also broader and the handles can be adjusted anywhere between 31.5 and 37.5 inches. Typically, the front wheels have rubber tires and are approximately 5 inches. Medline’s bariatric model features enlarged, 8-inch wheels for maximized support. The latter also have reinforced spokes that provide a wider bearing and increased stability.

Another benefit of Medline’s product is its sturdiness. Unlike standard models that have aluminum frames, this walker’s structure is made from durable steel. This guarantees more strength, improved protection against corrosion and a longer lifespan. Keep in mind that the greater dimensions of this product will make it more difficult to fit in through certain door frames and narrow spaces. Its bulkier frame also makes it unsuitable for frequent travel use.


  • Bariatric support, sturdier than regular walkers
  • Made from heavy duty steel for increased durability and strength
  • Extra large wheels and wider base
  • Padded seating and hand grips for added comfort
  • Comes with lower Velcro pocket for storing items
  • Handles have brakes
  • Can be folded for travel
  • Front wheels swivel


  • Does not have a locking mechanism for folding
  • Larger frame does not fit through narrow doorways
  • The width between the handles is not adjustable
  • Does not feature height adjustment
  • Higher cost

6. Able Life Space Saver Walker

If your priority is portability, Able Life Space Saver Walker is one of the most reliable products you can find on the market for travel use. Although its dimensions are standard, the item can be quickly and conveniently collapsed for easy transfer and storage. In the folded position, it is 4 times smaller than a traditional walker. In addition, it is lighter than its regular counterparts at only 8 lbs. What makes it unique is that you can make it smaller as you walk to fit through tight spaces, and then restore it to its original size.

This product can hold up to 400lbs and it works well on rugged surfaces like carpet. It features two sturdy front wheels with rubber tires. These can be replaced with swivel wheels that also have a locking mechanism, but the latter are sold separately. The full package includes an organizer pouch for storing personal belongings (also purchased separately), rear ski glides, additional hand grips and replacement wheels.


  • Straightforward design, strong and stable
  • Fast and extremely easy to open and close (requires little to no effort)
  • Folds to a 7-inch diameter and stands alone vertically
  • Suitable for driveways, carpet and sidewalks
  • Sturdier and lighter than regular models
  • Height of the bars can be adjusted
  • Does not require any assembly


  • Fairly slippery on tile
  • Front wheels are stationary
  • Does not feature brakes
  • Some users report the glides are thin and may break fairly easily
  • Higher cost

7. ELENKER Steerable Knee Walker Deluxe Medical Scooter

Elenker’s product offers an innovative solution for seniors who require assistance over a determined period of time. Designed as a steerable medical scooter, the walker is most effective when used as a rehabilitation aid.

If your loved one has undergone surgery or they suffer from ulcers, a broken angle or lower leg injuries, this is a smart option for helping them maintain their mobility while they recover. The handles are anti-slip and provide a tight, secure grip. They also feature a locking mechanism for added safety.

What makes Elenker’s product stand out from the rest is its knee pad. The latter contains quality memory foam and has a wide range of benefits, including relieving pain and pressure and decreasing unpleasant friction. The soft material protects the skin against breakdown over time, and ensures that your loved one does not develop any sores or wounds from frequently using the walker. In addition, the pad has can be adjusted and its height customized to feel comfortable for patients of all sizes.


  • Sturdy, travel-friendly and convenient
  • Innovative design with knee pad for added comfort
  • Offers more control over steering direction and speed
  • Features four 8-inch wheels and dual brakes for extra stability
  • Provides more mobility than traditional walkers
  • Can be folded quickly for easy transfer and storage
  • Comes with brake line ring, fast-release switch and large removable nylon basket
  • Easy to maneuver through small spaces and narrow doors
  • Holds up to 300lbs


  • Has to be lifted to transition from flat surfaces to carpet
  • Limited turning radius
  • Wheels are made of plastic and not ideal for outdoor use
  • Higher cost

8. ProBasics Transport Rollator Walker

This ProBasics product is both a transport chair and a rollator walker, suitable for indoor, as well as outdoor use. It features four extra large casters and a durable aluminum frame that is compact, lightweight and simple to maneuver. When it is folded, it has a diameter of only 11 inches. The height is adjustable and the built-in seat is covered in a resistant vinyl fabric that is easy to clean.

ProBasics Transport Rollator Walker is unique because it can be used to offer stationary or partial support as a walker, but also to aid with mobility as a wheelchair. The main base has two leg rests that the patient can use to sit down while being pushed.

Other exclusive features include the flip-up seat, backrest and push handle. The latter has spring loaded locking pins and helps the caregiver maneuver the wheelchair with full control and proper speed. The backrest is removable and contains firm padding for added comfort.

When using a traditional walker, the patient can run out of breath or need to rest for a few minutes. This can turn into a difficult situation if they don’t have a caregiver by their side. With the ProBasics model, your loved one can simply turn around and sit down to rest for as long as is needed. A drawback to this product is that it has a weight capacity of only 250lbs.


  • Smart design and high-quality materials
  • Double use as either walker or wheelchair
  • Four 8-inch casters for increased mobility
  • Features flip-up seat and removable backrest
  • Resistant padding and breathable fabric that is easy to clean
  • Comes with ergonomic hand brakes
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use


  • Takes up more space when folded due to the backrest and handles
  • Basket is flimsy and wobbly and it can fall off fairly easily
  • Tips over when it comes into contact with large cracks
  • Higher cost

9. Drive Medical Dual Pad Steerable Knee Walker

This standard walker works well both with indoor surfaces and rougher terrain. Featuring a comfortable knee pad with an ergonomic shape, the item can restore some mobility to your loved one. Even if your family member has a minor leg injury, Drive Medical’s product offers more stability than a pair of crutches, but also more flexibility and longevity.

It has dual wheel brakes and hand-operated brakes for increased security and steering control. Additionally, the two-piece knee seat has an impact resistant cushion. The height can also be modified to meet different needs.

Drive Medical’s walker can be folded in a few seconds using the push-release mechanism. The assembly can be done in under five minutes and the handle height can be set at anywhere between 31 and 40 inches for a more customized fit. Neither the installation, nor the height adjustment require any tools.


  • Long-lasting, safe and comfortable
  • Straightforward design that ensures extra mobility
  • Features lock wheel brakes and instant hand brakes
  • Comes with a removable front basket for storing items
  • Knee seat has firm padding and breathable cover
  • Frame is made from strong steel, with elegant silver vein finish
  • Holds up to 350lbs


  • Limited turning radius
  • Does not fold flat for more convenient storage
  • Seat is fairly rigid and could use additional padding
  • Wheels are made of plastic and wear out with repeated use
  • Higher cost

10. Hugo Mobility Portable Walker with Seat

Canes, crutches and even standard walkers have an increased risk of falling in certain cases. If your loved one gets tired easily, has limited strength, chronic pain or a sore injury, they might benefit from a roller-type device like Hugo’s walker.

Featuring a wide and stable seat, their product offers a safe space to rest, in addition, to support and improved mobility. There is also a backrest for added comfort and ergonomic hand grips that promote correct posture.

The bars can have their height adjusted so the walker can be customized to meet the needs for individuals of different sizes. The assembly is quick, simple, and requires no tools. The frame is modest and can fit into car trunks for convenient transfer during travel. The weight capacity is fairly small at only 300lbs, but the sturdy 8-inch wheels make it a good option for both outdoor and indoor surfaces.


  • Offers more mobility than traditional walkers
  • Features stationary seat with comfortable padding
  • Front wheels swivel for easier maneuverability
  • Includes safety brakes and large bag underneath the seat for storing essentials
  • Requires less strength to use than regular models
  • Guarantees more traction on uneven or rough terrain
  • Folding has a locking mechanism that keeps it in place when not in use
  • Sturdier than standard walkers


  • Wheels are made of plastic and might break and need replacements over time
  • Opening and closing the walker requires some effort (not ideal for patients with limited hand strength)
  • Bulkier and heavier than other models

11. Drive Medical Nitro Euro Style Red Rollator Walker

This model prioritizes efficiency and convenience. It features both strong back support and a firm, comfortable seat. The frame is aluminum, very lightweight and easy to maneuver. It has a wide range of customization options available and the height of the handle can be adjusted to meet different needs. The smart design and compact size guarantee that your loved one can fit smoothly through narrow spaces and transition well over flat, as well as hard surfaces. The walker can be folded very quickly with only one hand and little to no effort.

A unique feature to Drive Medical’s Nitro Walker is its caster fork system. The latter allows for a wider turning radius than traditional models can offer. This means that your family member will have more mobility and will not require as much assistance from their caretaker. The height of the backrest can also be modified and the zipper bag can be used to store personal belongings. This type of walker is most useful for patients who suffer from dementia or multiple sclerosis.


  • Offers more mobility, control and support than standard walkers
  • Lightweight, comfortable and convenient for travel use
  • Has enlarged front wheels and intelligent design for increased turning radius
  • Features nylon seat with soft flexible fabric, adjustable backrest and ergonomic handle
  • Simple to use, fold and transfer
  • Comes with a removable large bag for storing essentials
  • Seat can be used to also carry luggage without assistance
  • No assembly required
  • Suitable for outdoor terrain like uneven payment or walkway
  • Sturdier than other models
  • Has a brake system for added security
  • All fabrics are washable and the backrest has padding


  • The walker has very sharp edges
  • Some users report that the brakes don’t lock properly
  • Wheels are not as sturdy and durable as you would expect with other models
  • Higher cost compared to most walkers on the market

12. NOVA Medical Products Traveler 3-Wheel Walker

NOVA’s Traveler Walker has an extra wide base and large 8-inch wheels with rubber tires. The latter have an increased lifespan and provide steady transition over both indoor and outdoor surfaces. In addition, its triangle-like design offers more control than you would expect from a regular walker, and all brake parts come with a five-year warranty.

The advantage to this NOVA model is that it is very user-friendly and easy to engage with. The three-wheel system and light frame ensure simple maneuverability, without much strength required. The hand brakes have a “feather touch” system that allows them to activate with a soft push downward. This makes the walker useful for patients with limited strength or chronic conditions like arthritis.

Another benefit is the extensive storage room that this item provides. Unlike most walkers that have no organizer pouch at all or only a small pocket, this model comes with a large zipper bag, a tray and a sturdy basket for storing a variety of items. All of these are removable and very convenient for travelling.


  • Compact, light model with a simple three-wheel system
  • Portable and convenient for travel use
  • Easy and quick to put together and disassemble
  • Very accessible hand brakes that require no effort to activate
  • Offers significantly more storage space than other models
  • Features detachable basket, vinyl pouch and tray for keeping personal belongings
  • Fits well through narrow doors and areas
  • High maneuverability
  • Handles have adjustable height
  • Wheels are quiet
  • Folds in half and can easily be stored in a car trunk
  • Works well on bumpy surfaces


  • Less stable than its four-wheel counterparts
  • The paint on the walker scratches fairly easily
  • The basket is unstable if the tray is removed
  • Does not have a seat
  • Heavier than other models at approximately 25lbs

13. KneeRover Economy Steerable Walker

This model combines functionality with intelligent design to provide an elegant walker with high performance and increased stability. It is more reliable and convenient than a pair of regular crutches, but also offers more mobility than a traditional walker. Most products come with plastic wheels that are flimsy, wobbly on certain surfaces and quick to break.

KneeRover’s model features large wheels made from solid rubber that glide smoothly over indoor, as well as uneven terrain. Additionally, they last longer and guarantee more control for the patient.

This walker is fully adjustable and fast to fold, using a simple release mechanism. Steering is much easier than with other rollators and the knee seat can be customized and contains resistant padding. The front wheels swivel for added maneuverability and the handbrakes have adjustable height and a locking system for extra safety.

A drawback to this product is that it has a limited turning radius. Another issue is that you cannot adjust the front wheels so that they do not swivel at all times. This results in the walker being more likely to tip over.


  • Increased mobility, sturdiness and comfort
  • Long-lasting, quality materials
  • Offers more control, speed and flexibility than traditional walkers
  • Works well on all surfaces, including grass and carpet
  • Features knee bench with comfortable padding
  • Has an elegant finish
  • Can hold up to 300lbs
  • Lightweight and convenient for short-distance travel
  • Height of the knee rest is adjustable
  • Brakes come with secure locking mechanism


  • Less balance due to the front wheel swivel
  • Transitioning over thresholds without care can lead to loss of balance and injury
  • Knee pad is quite rigid and could use more gentle foam padding
  • Does not have a basket or storage bag

14. Drive Medical Four Wheel Walker Rollator

Drive Medical Walker Rollator offers optimal support and helps your loved one move around without assistance from a caregiver. Featuring four large sturdy wheels, the item is most useful for outdoor or rough terrain. A unique feature of this model includes the loop locking system that ensures safe transportation on all surfaces. It is also easy and quick to fold for convenient storage.

The seat is made from a firm, comfortable fabric with soft padding. The height handle can be customized at anywhere between 31 and 37 inches. The casters are quiet and do not leave any marks on the floor. Its lightweight frame and compact size make it suitable for travel. If your family member leads a more active lifestyle, this type of walker can be more useful to them than a traditional one.


  • Smart and elegant design
  • High performance and increased mobility
  • More stable and sturdy than traditional models
  • Easy to put together and fold for storage and travel
  • Has a weight capacity of 300lbs
  • Comes with safe brakes and adjustable handle
  • Made of solid steel, more long-lasting and stable than regular frames
  • Features an open basket for storing personal belongings
  • Efficient on grass and uneven pavement


  • Seat height is not adjustable
  • Brakes require some effort to squeeze and activate
  • Basket needs to be removed to fold up the walker
  • Not ideal for users with limited upper body strength
  • Cannot be locked in folded position

15. Hugo Elite Rollator Walker

This modern walker is designed specifically for patients who need assistance with mobility, as well as increased stability. It offers more balance than traditional products and the high-quality materials ensure a longer lifespan and less damage with repeated use. The shape is ergonomic for added comfort and improved posture. Additionally, the handgrips have cushions and reflectors, and the aluminum tubing makes it light enough for quick transfer.

Hugo Elite Rollator Walker is simple to set up and doesn’t require any tools to put together. The handles feature a tight locking mechanism and the large front wheels swivel. Your loved one can relax using the firm backrest and seat, both of which are padded. The under-seat bag is extra large and the two side pockets provide additional storage room for your relative’s essential items or medication. The weight limit for this walker is 300lbs.


  • Well-built and safe, does not wobble
  • Ergonomic shape that promotes proper posture
  • Long-lasting aluminum frame that is easy to maintain
  • Features sturdy, non-marking wheels
  • Comfortable seat with soft, 2-inch thick padding
  • Includes an under-seat basket for keeping essentials
  • Backside also has several storage pockets
  • Works well on all types of terrain
  • Handle bars and seat are height adjustable
  • Speedy delivery and excellent customer service


  • Limited turning radius
  • Heavier than conventional walkers
  • Assembly can take a long time
  • Wheels are made from molded plastic and break easily over time

16. AllTerrain KneeRover Steerable Walker

With a dual bar frame and an adjustable knee pad, AllTerrain KneeRover Steerable Walker guarantees increased mobility, but also superior speed and control. Its modern technology allows your loved one to cover a greater area than they would be able to using a traditional walker, and in a much shorter period of time. The assembly is quick and requires no tools, and there are several height adjustments that can be made to meet different needs.

In addition to the contoured knee pad, the item has a built-in, sturdy basket that can be removed or used for storing personal belongings. The handgrips are made of solid rubber and have a shape that ensure a firm and comfortable grip.

For easier storage, its seat can also be detached and the bar can be folded. The rear clamp brakes are a reliable locking mechanism that will keep the walker in place when needed and your loved one safe with every use. Another unique benefit of KneeRover’s model are the pneumatic tires. The latter are very quiet, impact resistant and work smoothly with uneven terrain.


  • Easy to maneuver, fast and convenient
  • Offers more mobility than traditional walkers
  • Suitable for both indoor and bumpy outdoor surfaces
  • Works well on all types of terrain, including sand and grass
  • High-quality tires that last longer
  • Ergonomic handgrips with adjustable height and comfortable padding
  • Extra large 12-inch wheels for increased stability
  • Folds, has a parking brake and can fit well in a car trunk
  • Balanced even on road cracks, rocks, gravel and carpet edges
  • Features a basket for storing water bottles and personal items


  • Brakes have to be adjusted
  • Handle bars have a very small frame and are difficult to grip when steering
  • Heavier than traditional walkers
  • Seat wears out or bends over time
  • High cost compared to most models on the market

17. Drive Medical Trigger Release Folding Walker

Drive Medical Trigger Release Folding Walker is one of Drive Medical’s aluminum folding walker models. It looks basic but one of its main selling points is its trigger release feature. Unlike other folding walkers with two buttons for opening, this folding walker has two trigger release mechanisms that will allow seniors to close or open the walker without removing their hands from the handlebars. This is convenient especially for those who suffer from lower extremity weakness or poor balance.


  • Convenient trigger release feature
  • Ribbed and contoured hand grips


  • It’s impossible to adjust the frame’s tightness to improve stability

Made from aluminum with a brushed steel finish, this folding walker is at par in terms of quality with other Drive Medical folding walkers. It has 5-inch non-swivel wheels on the front, smooth rear glide caps with minimal resistance, and ribbed/contoured handgrips. The handle itself is adjustable from 32 inches to 39 inches.

The walker’s overall dimensions are 16.75 inches long, 25 inches wide, and 32 inches high. The distance between the handgrips is 18 inches while the distance between the back legs is 20.75 inches. U-shaped frames aim to provide the folding walker with more clearance while the cross-frame enhances stability. The problem with this design is that all the crossbars are riveted so it’s impossible to tighten them.

18. DMI Lightweight Aluminum Folding Walker

Eye-catching is one of the adjectives that fit this folding aluminum walker from DMI. It comes in an array of bright colors with metallic design detail. In terms of functionality, the walker has 2 front 5-inch non-swivel wheels with slip-resistant rubber tires for a better grip on different surfaces including concrete and tiles. Caution needs to be observed since the tires in this walker contain enough latex that can trigger a reaction to those with latex allergies.

The frame’s material is 1-inch anodized aluminum tubing, making it lightweight yet strong at the same time. Weighing at only 5.5 pounds, this folding walker can support up to 250 pounds. The distance between the walker handles is 17 inches while the overall width is 25 inches, making the handles comfortable to reach but also making it narrower. To make the folding walker more comfortable, especially in longer walks, the handgrips are of soft molded foam.


  • Made from anodized aluminum
  • Easy 2-button release
  • 2 front 5-inch wheels
  • Adjustable height
  • 250 lbs maximum weight capacity


  • The walker is on the narrow side

Another advantage of the DMI lightweight aluminum folding walker is that it is compact and adjustable. Folded down, the walker will only occupy 4 inches of storage space. To release, you’ll only need to press two buttons prominently placed on the walker’s crossbar. You can also adjust the walker’s height in 1-inch increments from 32 inches to 38 inches.